Tips to Get the Most Out Of the Fitbit Flex


Tips to Get the Most Out Of the Fitbit Flex

A Fitbit flex is something that you can wear all the time. It is very comfortable and light that also looks natural and casual on your wrist. There are a variety of Fit bit flex waistbands available at a reasonable price and amazing colors. You don’t even have to connect it to the phone or computer. It can connect automatically through the dongle or Bluetooth.

Also, you would get a notification alert so as to let you know when the battery is low. After connecting it with the Fitbit flex charger, it is good to go again. It is a water resistant device that is you don’t have to worry keeping it dry when it is raining. You can customize anything you want. The Fiitbit flex can certainly track how many steps you actually take during your workouts or while shopping at the mall. You would get an email telling you that how many steps you still need to walk so as to meet your goal.

Amazing tips to get the most out of it

  • Wear it and then forget it

The most amazing thing about this fitness band is that you wear all the time on your wrist. You don’t need to clip it onto your clothing like you do with the Fitbit ultra. Also, it is waterproof, so you don’t need to take it off, while you are taking shower.

  • Reminder to charge it

You often need to charge your Fitbit flex after every 5 – 6 days. It is important that you remind yourself to fully charge it, before it completely runs out of it. You can use the reminder from the Google calendar.

In the Google calendar, you can create a reminder that would automatically send you a text message after every 5 days to charge your Fitbit flex. You can charge your Fitbit flex in the evening, while you would be doing your writing and getting kids ready for the bed. The Fitbit flex generally takes only 2 hours to be fully charged.

  • Track the specific activities

With the help of the latest firmware update, you can track some specific activities, if you want to know some details about that activity. You can do this by simply putting your Fitbit flex into the activity mode and then tapping it rapidly unless and until you get two flashing lights. After finishing your activity, you need to tap it again until you see the 5 blinking lights.

The Fitbit flex sets a ‘start’ and a ‘end’ marker. The Fitbit flex is recording your activity and these two makers allow you to look at a particular section, so as to look at the details. When you would log into your Fitbit flex, you would see those activities listed in that day, on which you captured them. For instance, you can use this to record the distance of your walk from your house to the office.


The Fitbit flex also comes with different wristbands like large or small. You need to invest in some additional wristbands just to be safe.