Safely Package Your Products With Sustainable Materials

Safely Package Your Products With Sustainable Materials

Product storage and packaging often goes unnoticed by the average consumer. While you are most likely focused on the actual product, the external material can make all the difference in whether or not the product is effectively stored protected. There are endless options for product packaging materials, but molded fiber is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Consider doing research on molded pulp manufacturers for your product storage and packaging needs. You are likely to learn something about molded fiber while also finding the perfect solution for your business.

You likely have seen molded fiber or could name a product with this type of packaging. Molded fiber is identifiable by consumers as safe for the environment, sturdy, and reliable. The design is intentional and can easily vary depending on the product specifications. Look for molded paper pulp manufacturing to be state-of-the art in both design and execution. There are options for color variants beyond the gray egg carton look, as packaging should enhance your brand and product appearance. Along with being visually appealing, this alternative packaging should not include additives or binding agents. Look for natural manufacturing processes with an end result that can be recycled or composted.

As a customer, you should consider molded pulp manufacturers that will listen to your product storage and packaging needs, and ask the necessary questions to provide a thorough consultation and plenty of information. Each project is unique and each order will likely vary, so your design should be discussed and analyzed. Consider the various options and verify that a specific type of product and manufacturing style are the best fit. Look for a company that will work with your budget, time frame, provide a sample prototype, and welcome your input and feedback.

There are three primary types of molded fiber that could be used to fulfill your order. Traditional molded pulp results from water and recycled paper fibers being pressed through a pulping machine. The mixture is pumped into a form, vacuumed through a screen, and then dried in a controlled oven. Pressed traditional molded pulp has the same process, but is transferred to an automated pressing station before being dried. This extra step improves the surface finish and creates additional dimensions. Thermoformed molded pulp also has the same process, but after the mixture is in the form, is pressed with polished molders in an exact form. The molds use heat and pressure to create a specific shape.

Molded pulp manufacturers have a unique solution to offer for any product that must be stored or packaged. Their options are highly customizable and environmentally friendly – two factors that are likely important to and desired by your business.