Renovate your Gym with Professional Designers for a Rejuvenating Feeling

Renovate your Gym with Professional Designers for a Rejuvenating Feeling

We all know that people get attracted with outer appearance at first. Therefore, any business or product, if needed publicity has to look attractive. You can wrap a product with attractive paper, but when it comes to services you need to pay extra attention to the interiors. Similarly, gym centers also need an interior that grabs the attention of people.

It is easy to decorate home by using beautiful wall hangings, lights and paints. However, when it’s time to sell your service you need to pay more attention not only to the appearance but also to the convenience of your customer. A gym’s a place where public exercises happily and removes stress. That is why a gym has to be attractive not with colors or fancy items, but with motivational things like equipment, bright light and mild music.

Rocco Basile, who is a manager in AVO constructions for eighteen years, says that every business has theme and to promote that business we need to pay emphasis on that theme.  Designing a new gym is quite challenging an even an experienced architect can face problems. So if you’re thinking of putting a gym at any place then you have to check these few things –

  • Space and location for gym
  • The correct power supply for gym
  • Selection of equipment
  • Flooring
  • Services

Space and location for gym

Before starting anything, the primary concern is looking for a space that can attract maximum traffic. Always remember a gym is meant for exercising and people would be running on treadmill every second so you cannot have a location in residential area. Residents might object due to continuous disturbance. In case, you have first floor for your gym available then make sure you have sound absorption flooring so that people staying beneath you aren’t disturbed.

The correct power supply for gym

Always consult your electrician for the adequate amount of power supply in your gym because you would have high power equipment which cannot be run on low voltage. Moreover, checking the entire space you can decide where exactly do you need power points.

Selection of equipment

You can always place same equipment together to make it simpler for people. For example, weight lifting machines can be kept at one corner and cardio machines like, stationary bikes and treadmills can be kept at other corner. Moreover, since you’re targeting all age groups, you can also have connection for iPods, mobiles and laptops.


Flooring should not be slippery because people sweat and you don’t want your customers to fall during their work out. Also, your floor should be thick where you have heavy equipment in comparison to lighter zones.


When you’re arranging gym for your customers, simply keeping heavy equipment doesn’t solve your purpose. Frequent usage of these machines can lead to wear and tear that is why regular servicing is also required to maintain your rank.

Rocco Basile says, a gym should never look gloomy but should always have a bright appearance. Therefore, always select bright colors for walls. Decorating walls with painting and postures of weight lifters and body builders also encourages your customers. Some gyms prefer including yoga classes in their activities, in that case covering the room with green plants gives a healthy and fresh look.

It might sound easy to simply open a gym with few types of equipment and start your venture. However, if these certain minute things are neglected then your business can suffer to some extent.