Reasons Teens Opt For Substance Abuse And Why Educate Them About Drug Use Dangers

Reasons Teens Opt For Substance Abuse And Why Educate Them About Drug Use Dangers

Personality and intelligence of a person gets developed in their childhood and teen years. However, some teenagers get influenced in using drugs or alcohol.

Reasons teenagers use alcohol or drugs

People influence

Teens notice many people using alcohol, smoking, and sometimes substances. Often, their social scene involves in watching other people smoking marijuana or drinking. Friends too influence them to smoke or drink pot. These are some common conditions teens start to try substance, especially when they watch their friends enjoying it. It seems to be a normal teenage experience.


Rough teen years can cause depression, so they turn to chemical solace. For example, they may abuse prescription drugs to handle social, academic, or emotional stress.

Media influence

Music that teens enjoy or TV shows and movies they watch make drugs or substance uses seem to be a fine thing. Media manipulation is also a culprit, at times.


Teens can have issues in keeping their minds and life occupied. Loneliness can push them in trying marijuana or alcohol. These substances fill their internal void feeling, so they interact with like-minded group of kids and instantly bond.

Instant satisfaction

Alcohol and substances work quickly. They start feeling really good, so teens believe it to be a shortcut to happiness.

Lack confidence

Shy teens with low confidence are reported to perform tasks well under drug or alcohol influence, which otherwise would have been impossible.

Defiant teens

Rebellious and stubborn teens use substances to behave more aggressively or violently. Youngsters, who feel misunderstood, find an escape in drug or prescription abuse. Some teens smoke to exhibit independence and make parents angry.

Understanding teenagers is a complex task and the reasons they start using drug is also very difficult. Sometimes, misinformation can also be a reason. Therefore make sure to educate your teens on the real facts related to drug use.

Reasons to educate teens about the dangers of substance abuse

Damages developing brain

Brain development from birth to adulthood gets developed under the influence of many things like parenting, nutrition, intellectual challenges, etc. During these development alcohol or drug abuse can stop or change or make the brain areas that serve cognitive behavior and regulate emotions utmost vulnerable.

High-risk of addiction

Brain of teens craves new experience because it is associated with impulsiveness. It is from this impulsiveness they start learning to become more self-controlled as they move towards adulthood. There are many rehabs in Oklahoma, where teens get admitted for treatment has reported to start using drugs at young age, which turned into an addict issue.

Grave health risk

Human body cannot tolerate substance abuse for long. Overtime, they start experiencing health issues like cancer, liver damage, dementia, or cardiovascular disease. Young and developing bodies are unable to deal with the substance challenges experience health problems even earlier than older people.

Behavior issues

Behavioral Risks associated with young people using substances can be evaluated with fact sheets displaying that each year 5000 youngsters below 21 years age die. Due to underage drinking deaths occurring from car crashes, suicides, drowning, falls, and burns get reported. Among students, alcohol-related date and sex rape are daily in news.

At any age, substance abuse is devastating to body, mind and soul, but addiction in teens can make their path direct towards isolation, declining health, and struggle.

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