Prevent Tire Damage With 15-inch Toyota Rims

Prevent Tire Damage With 15-inch Toyota Rims

If your tire’s rims are damaged, they’re damaging your tires. When a rim is bent or dented, even subtly, it causes uneven wear and tear on your wheels. As your tires break down, your car becomes harder to handle. The difficulty may be so gradual that you don’t even notice it, but you might notice a difference in your gas mileage, which is another negative side effect of damaged rims. There are three common causes of damage, and if you’ve done any of them, it might be time for new 15-inch Toyota rims.


This first isn’t so much damage as unsightly, and you may want to consider new 15-inch Toyota wheels for this reason, too. Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. You tap on the pedal to stop the car or stomp on it to avoid an accident. No matter the pressure you place on the pedal, the brake system releases dust. This dust creates a coat on your tire rims, and as you drive merrily along it burns. Eventually, you’ll notice that your rims are no longer snazzy silver, but rather a drab and gothic black. If this isn’t the look you’re going for, replace them with new 15-inch Toyota rims.

Hitting the Curb

Everybody has hit a curb. It’s easy to misjudge the distance when making a right or left-hand turn and banging or scraping the tire and rim against the concrete surface. If you barely touched it, you should be okay; if you hit it hard enough to feel it, you may have a dented or warped your rim. This boo-boo also causes unsightly pitting and scratch marks on the silver, and depending on the damage, you not be able to buff the marks out of your 15-inch Toyotawheels. The first thing to do is avoid the curb; the second is to get your rims checked if you hit it hard.

Potholes – Dreaded Potholes

They’re unavoidable and, sure, the city’s going to fix them. Potholes are tire and rim’s worst nightmare. They can also mess up your suspension and shock absorbers. If you can avoid them, you should, but sometimes you can’t. If traffic or the road won’t allow swerving around the dip, slow down – don’t worry about making other drivers angry – slow down as much as you can. Even smaller bumps can bend the shape of your rims, which will leave you with the necessity of purchasing new 15-inch Toyota wheels, which is only fun when you want to.

Prevent Further Damage

If you have brake dust all over your rims, you may want to replace them for aesthetic reasons. If you’ve hit a curb or bounced over a pothole, you will want to have your tires and rims inspected. Even minor damage causes further damage, so the quicker you act, the better for your tires. The better for your tires, the better for your suspension and shock absorbers. You see where this is going! Get new 15-inch Toyota rims for your vehicle and keep your tires and the rest of your car in good shape.