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If you are thinking of pursuing a career in law, you’ll probably already be aware that going to law school is an absolute must. Applying to colleges and law schools can be pretty stressful, as it’s a given that you’ll want to go to an institution that’s not only got a good reputation in general, but has a good reputation for teaching law and has produced some great lawyers. Attending a good law school will also open up more opportunities for your career as graduates of better colleges do tend to be offered the better jobs in general, although this isn’t always the case. If you are poring over your college application and wondering which colleges to send it off to, we’ve put together a list of some of the best law schools in the US for you to consider.


It goes without saying that Harvard is one of the best colleges in the US, and if you’re looking to go to the best law school then this is the place to be. Although don’t stress too much if you can’t meet the requirements to get in – it’s only important that you attend a top-tier school if you’d like to practice law at a big city law firm.


Attended by former US presidents Bill Clinton and Gerald Ford, Yale University is another top-tier school that should definitely be considered if you’re planning to get into one of the best law schools in the US. Although Yale Law School has no specific areas of concentration with their law degree program, there are a number of fields that current students are interested in including Human Rights Law, International Law, and even Law Teaching – meaning that you get a good all-round education in law but are encouraged to pursue the areas of concentration that interest you as well.


Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, the Virginia School of Law may not be as prominent as Harvard and Yale, but it still stands out as being a great choice of school for those wishing to study law. Along with Harvard, Stanford and Yale, the Virginia School of Law has contributed the most clerks to the US Supreme Court in the last decade, and was attended by lawyers such as Barry Hawk.


Columbia is a great law school for those interested in studying international law, as they offer a range of degree programs centered around the law studies of other countries such as Korea, Japan, and Israel. The Columbia Experimentalist Mentorship Program was also designed in order to allow students of law to choose projects, seminars and events that interest them and collaborate with the Columbia Experimentalist Group on that work, making it great for gaining field-relevant experience.

Did you study at a law school in the US that isn’t mentioned above? If you’d like to add your school to this list and tell us why you think it is a top law school in the US, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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Whether applying for sponsor licences in London or work permits for the Middle East, every type of visa application process is fraught with complications. After all, if it was as easy as ticking a few boxes and just waiting for your card in the post, there’d really be no point in visas existing in the first place!

Like it or not, visas exist for the sole purpose of making sure that only a very select bunch of people get into the country in question for the reasons they wish to enter. From work to extended vacations to setting up a brand new life and so on and so forth, border controls tend to be very specific when it comes to who can and cannot come in. And just to make things all the more complicated, every single country the world over has its own unique take on visa applications and acceptance criteria.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the millions of visa applications that are rejected every year on a global basic, a spectacular proportion are turned down due to one of five extremely common mistakes. So if you’re planning to pen your own application for entry to literally any country in the world in the near future, do yourself a favour by making sure you don’t fall foul of the following five pitfalls:

1 – Filling Out the Wrong Form

It sounds like a rookie error you wouldn’t be stupid enough to make, but thousands do…every day. Of course there will always be those that don’t pay attention, but in others it’s a case of simply having not noticed the very (VERY) slight differences between two forms. For example, any country’s ‘Form 534’ and ‘Form 543a’ could be 99% identical in every way, but are in fact for two totally different types of visa. And if you go and fill out the wrong one, it’ll be headed straight into the trash without so much as a second thought.

2 – Not Providing Essential Documents

This is a tricky one to nail to say the least as what you’ll need by way of documentation will vary significantly from one country to the next. Some are only interested in seeing your passport while others will want pretty much your whole life story documented from start to finish. In all cases across the board however, failing to provide 100% of the required documentation in the exact form required will render your application null and void. Needless to say, it can be more than a little difficult to come up with what’s needed if you don’t have it to hand at the time, which is why it pays to speak to an immigration lawyer for advice where necessary.

3 – Incomplete Applications

Regardless of how fair or otherwise you feel it may be, a 99% completed form will by most immigration services be treated in the same way as a blank form…as in not very nicely at all. It really doesn’t matter if all you forgot to do was tick a simple box or add the date of the application to the required box at the end – they will not fill it in for you and nor will they accept it. And just for the record, the same also applies to forms that have been filled out incorrectly. Thought it didn’t matter that your first name and surname were written in the wrong boxes? Wrong…that’s often your application’s death in a heartbeat.

4 – Applying For an Inappropriate Visa

It can be extremely difficult to know exactly which visa it is you need, or more importantly which ones you can qualify for. There are usually dozens, even hundreds of different visas and permits available when it comes to getting into countries – you cannot be expected to know and understand them all. As such, one of the most common mistakes of all is that of applying for wholly the wrong visa or a visa you never had a chance of qualifying for. And it’s worth remembering that with each rejection, your chances of being accepted the next time around take a serious knock.

5 – Going it Alone

Last but not least, a genuinely fatal mistake for those looking to apply for global visas for any reason at all is that of going it alone without the necessary professional assistance. The help of an experienced immigration lawyer may not be offered free of charge, but if it’s important to you that you get into the country you’re applying to, it’s a small price to pay for success.


You know how much fun social media can be. You also know how important it is to stay connected in the motorsports world. Social media allows you to communicate with fans of motorsports and the companies that run the industry, as well as the athletes who take part in the sports. It can be incredibly enjoyable and rewarding to build a community of like-minded people through social media. However, that is not the only reason to consider your social media presence.


At a race or an event, you know that attendance is king. The success or failure of an event is oftentimes judged by the number of people who show up. Large companies have entire departments devoted to social media outreach and fan service. All of that amounts to efforts to get people to attend different events.

There is no need to stress if you cannot afford a dedicated public relations team though; you have been building one all along. When you share videos, like posts, and otherwise communicate with motorsports fans, you are building a network. With a little bit of focused effort, you can use that network to boost the attendance at your events.

People do not tend to follow companies or individuals because they are trying to sell them something. People usually follow someone or some business on social media because that business is offering them something they enjoy, usually interesting content like funny jokes or exciting videos.

Sharing the most exciting parts of your events on social media will inspire people to want to come to the next ones.


Reaching as many people as possible is the key to effective networking. In the past, companies would buy advertising time and try to guess when their ads would be most effective. Now, with social media, you can operate in social media communities full of people who are already amenable to your ideas. If you want to reach out to motorsports fans, you can simply find groups or pages devoted to that.

Also, on social media, exciting content acts as currency, and everyone is trying to increase his/her followers. Thus, they will share your content if it is exciting. As your content is shared by more and more people, you can be sure that it is getting in front of people interested in it that you might never have even considered.

You do not even have to generate that content yourself, necessarily. If you are connected to the pulse of the motorsports world, you can know what is popular and what people are interested in. As you see posts or content of that nature pop up, you can share it with others. If you share enough interesting content, they will start to rely on you for information.

Staying connected in the motorsports world is something that fans love to do. However, if you run events, you can also use a site such as Worldformula to grow your business. As you reach more and more fans with your posts, they will start to rely on you for information and entertainment. Once that happens, your posts will take on a life of their own.


Being party to a road traffic accident is an extremely troubling situation for any driver. However, things could become worse when the driver of the other vehicle decides to flee the scene of the accident. There are several costs that are involved when an accident has taken place; the law requires that the insurance policy of the driver at fault will cover for most if not all the expenses and costs. The bad news is that when such a driver flees the scene you may be left to deal with all the costs. When you find yourself in such a situation, you need to hire a hit and run attorney to help you look for the compensation that you deserve.

There are important factors you will want to consider when you are looking for a competent hit and run attorney that you are going to hire. Apart from trying to get an attorney who has experience in doing hit and run cases, you also want to make sure that you deal with someone with a good reputation and whose charges are also affordable.

Reputation: Before you make any hiring decision, it is important that you take a little time to research about the reputation of the law firm in addition to the attorney himself or herself. You don’t want to find yourself dealing with an attorney with a lot of negative feedback; you can check for this fact by reading the many online reviews that are available. Even though not all the reviews could be true, you should ensure that you get a professional review that will validate the other reviews or negate them.

Experience: The attorney’s experience in handing hit & run cases is another important factor. Chances are that you may not have been in a position to ever discover who the other driver was and in such a case, you will want to receive compensation from your own insurer. You can only succeed in getting this type of compensation when you have the right hit and run attorney.

Fees: The other important thing you need to consider when looking for a hit and run attorney has to do with legal fees. You will already have spent enough money on car repairs and the last thing you want to deal with is excess bills from your hit and run attorney; you must take time to research so you can hire someone who will be able to work within your reasonable budget.

When all is said and done, just remember that with some patience and good research skills you should be able to find a competent hit and run attorney who will be able to expertly handle your case. You need compensation for being a victim of a hit and run case and you are not going to let an incompetent attorney deny you your right.


Exhibitions can be a fantastic method of raising awareness for your brand or service. You have a captive audience to sell yourself to, and get noticed! Otherwise it’s just a waste of time, money and resources. A successful exhibition requires maximum effort and a clear branding message, you need to set yourself aside from the rest. It also takes lots of preparation, a last-minute job will not suffice and you’ll just look like an amateur not to mention unprofessional! You need to understand what will draw passers-by to your stand and how you can try and convert these people into potential sales and new customers.

Deliver A Clear Message

Exhibitions are becoming increasingly popular amongst both B2B and B2C environments, this means there’s some tough competition out there. The last thing you want to do is blend into the crowd and blend in. You need to deliver a strong, solid message to your audience, and it’s all about your branding!

So how do you get this right?

It’s all about consistency. Every message you push out there needs to be consistent as does all elements of your branding. This entails everything from your logo to any marketing collateral and signage that you might be using. You need a solid flow, even down to the font and colour scheme. Think of your exhibition as your shop front, what will catch people’s eye? Whatever your goal may be, the bottom line is you need to be catching the eye of passers-by. Promotional materials such as banners, flags and bunting are a really effective way of promoting your brand name and message. You can also look into a custom designed exhibition stand for your company. It’s an extra expense but you’re sure to reap the rewards by getting the edge over your competitors with a professional and slick stand design.

Knowledgeable Staff

Your staff are an extension on your branding, they’re the face of your company and should also encompass your brand message and ethos. You can have all the fancy marketing materials in the world, but if your staff aren’t best representing your company, will you be making sales? The answer is no, probably not. You need to ensure that a sufficient amount of time is taken to train and mentor staff that will presenting your company at exhibitions. They’re going to be the first point of physical contact for your visitors, so not only do they need to be able to present information they need to show a good level of enthusiasm. The exhibition won’t be worth its while, cost and time if your staff are miserable! You should also look into the dress code for your event, is it formal? Are staff expected to dress in a certain way? You want to be presentable and professional!

Less Risk!

If you’re planning to attend an outdoor exhibition then there’s always going to be a certain element of risk with the weather. Unfortunately no one can predict the weather and it really is just a matter of luck…or not so lucky! It’s important that elements like this are considered so that you can try your best to prevent them! For example, what about invest in a marquee to keep your stand sheltered from any potential downpours? Not only will it draw people in from the rain it will also keep your staff nice and dry!

Don’t forget, whilst an exhibition is about selling yourself, there might also be good opportunities to interact with likeminded individuals and network! You never know what connections you could make.

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Applying for a small business loan can be a very tricky affair as financial institutions are known to be extremely picky and like to make certain that their investments are well protected. Applications for loans, however small, could get into rough weather unless you know what exactly to avoid that will kill the chances of success. Here’s what you should be aware of.

Past Misdemeanors

Not only your loan application but your personal history will come under scrutiny when you apply for a small business loan. Every bank will conduct a review of the project, your financial statements and projections, and a complete lowdown on your credit worthiness, and credibility. Lenders, especially financial institutions, will make it a point to obtain your credit report from multiple agencies, and track your repayments over a considerable number of years to find out whether you are in the habit of delaying or defaulting on your loans.

Having a bad credit history even if there had been a valid reason such as severe illness, deaths or marital-relationship problems, is almost sure to knock out your application from consideration. You should make it a point to obtain all your credit reports, and analyze them to find out your creditworthiness. If there are major errors, have them corrected before applying for a loan else if the reports are correct, consider other sources of finance that may not be as sensitive to poor credit scores.

Inadequate Cash Flow

Upon analysis of your business finances, if local lenders discover that the cash flow is patchy or completely inadequate for the business to perform as projected, they will spend no time rejecting the loan application. The health of your business and the sufficiency of cash flow is the assurance that no financial institution can afford to ignore. This is because the magnitude of cash flows is an indicator of the health of the enterprise and tells the lenders whether the borrower will be able to service the monthly payments. Experts advice business owners to keep a strict watch on the cash flows and get their houses in order before approaching lenders for loans.

Weak Business Plan

When would-be-borrowers make applications for business loans, the documentation required to be furnished include a detailed business plan, financial statements and projections for the next three to five years. In order to evaluate the merits of the application, the loan officer expects the business owner to present a detailed and organized business plan with numbers that are consistent, realistic and in keeping with the prevailing market conditions. The more vague and inconsistent the business plan is, the more the lenders become alert that the business is not being managed professionally and this acts as a disincentive for funding.

Small business owners also tend to overestimate their revenues, profitability and growth figure thinking that this will appeal more to the lenders. However, the loans department is manned by experts who have more than a passing knowledge about business operations and market conditions, so projections that are out of line significantly will result in applications being rejected outright.

Not Being Organized

Many small business owners make the mistake of being too casual when approaching financial institutions. Before making the formal application, they should do their homework thoroughly regarding what the requirements and expectations of the lender are. It is necessary that you provide all the documents that are required to support your application. Remember to check off all the items mentioned in the checklist provided by the lender, and if in doubt call the loan officer and get a clarification. You can also refer to a highly-detailed checklist prepared by the Small Business Administration for potential borrowers. Incomplete applications are more likely to be rejected because the lenders simply do not have time to waste following up with lackadaisical borrowers.


Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) win the favor of many car owners, and why not? These beasts are durable vehicles, making them the best fit for road trips and harsh driving condition. Just merely looking at them makes you feel safer than when you are in a smaller car. However, a bigger car comes with a heavier price—literally. SUVs are expensive cars and maintaining them is just as pricey. Hence, it’s very important to take care of your SUV to prevent further damage and save you a lot of money.

The following are tips for maintaining an SUV.

  1. Save some budget for repair and maintenance.

As mentioned above, taking care of an SUV may be a little more expensive than taking care of a smaller car. Repairs are especially pricey, so set aside some money for some unforeseeable repairs. Have an agreement set up with a trusted auto repair center and see if you can manage to avail discounts.

Remember to choose one trusted auto repair center. This will prevent you from repeating unnecessary work as they record your repairs in a log.

  1. Schedule your SUV’s maintenance.

Regularly having your SUV checked will save you a lot of money for repairs. The service center may be able to spot aspects of your car that need to be maintained which you might have missed.

  1. Check your engine oil regularly.

Engine oil is necessary to keep the car’s engine running efficiently. Remember that car oil turned black does not necessarily mean it’s dirty and needs replacing. It’s also not practical to keep changing oil every 3,000 miles. Every car has different needs; what works for one may not work for the other. It’s best to refer to your SUV’s manual to know when the oil needs to be replaced. Keeping this in mind will save you unnecessary expenses.

  1. Check your tires.

If you’re always on the road, you may already know that your tires’ condition is crucial for smooth driving. Generally, tires with plenty of grip are perfect for SUVs for optimum performance on and off the road. These tires will help you get through harsh road conditions. It’s best to check your tires for air pressure or wear and tear. Low tire pressure will save you fuel—something you will want for a car that drinks up gasoline.

  1. Keep your tank at least half full.

As previously stated, SUVs are beasts that burn fuel quickly. Therefore, it’s best to always check your tank before you head out to the road.

  1. Check your lights and signals.

These are very important parts of your SUV as they keep you safe especially during night driving. Wipe them clean with a wet cloth or toothpaste to keep them bright and clear. Also check that your headlights are properly aimed at the right direction for greater visibility.

  1. Cover your SUV’s body with protective film.

SUV owners should place a protective wax over their car’s body to shield it from changing weather conditions. This will prevent excessive heat from the sun or rain from damaging your car’s paint. This protective film is like a sunscreen. If you often let your SUV sit under the sun for too long, this is your best bet for keeping your car’s “skin” protected.

  1. Lastly, drive safely.

Icy and wet road conditions are to watch out for. Always keep in mind that there are many cars in the road with you—big and small—and everyone’s safety needs to be put first.