The Need Of The Hour – Protecting Lives By Enforcement Of Environmental Laws In Business

The Need Of The Hour – Protecting Lives By Enforcement Of Environmental Laws In Business

One of the greatest perils our environment and earth has seen with the rise of the industrial revolution is pollution. All kinds of businesses are somewhere or the other related to the environment. The link between these two runs deep. Many businesses have implications on the environment. For years of neglecting the environment, now the world has taken a huge step by setting up environmental laws.

Businesses which utilize hazardous materials need to follow procedure and comply with the government’s rules and regulations. If ignored they get sued. They are asked to pay for the disposal of waste they generated. They need to keep a check on their production houses and work in strict alignment with the provision laid down by the government.

Many cases have occurred in the past, which shook nations. The Love Canal case, set in the backdrop of Niagara Falls, opened the eyes of many individuals. The toxic material dumped their caused many citizens fatal diseases.

At last, the people utilizing the “toxic tort” litigation with the help of law enforcers received justice. In such cases a good law advisory, which has an extensive experience like the well-known law clerk of the state of California, Ellery Gordon.

Protecting the citizens from toxic wastes is of utmost important.

  • The “command and control” regulations have been laid down by the government. They are especially invoked when a business facility is involved. The administrative agencies throughout the world have set down some strong standards with which the companies need to comply with. Each business needs to get a permit before performing any such task which poses a threat to the environment.
  • The second regulation that is widely endorsed is “end of pipe” This requires the companies to treat their waste before releasing it into the natural surrounding. The companies use special chimneys to reduce the amount of toxins in the smoke they release.
  • The “right to know” regulations have changed the outlook of the employees as well as the customers. They can file petitions to get proper information about the products they are using or producing. They can identify the chemicals being used around them.

The community, as well as the workers can place pressure on the businesses to provide them information about any hazardous substance. It is an information policy.


  • Apart from these regulations, the pollution preventing policies are introduced. The business facilities are examined and tested. Their products scrutinized and checked for any trace of toxicity.
  • There are numerous other programs and regulations to control the splurge of toxic waste affecting the mainstream lives. The community is kept at the highest place when such things are considered. Each year so many lives are harmed. These regulations breathe new life into dying faith in the government policies.

As years go by the businesses are required to comply with innumerous environmental laws. There are innumerous international treaties being signed. As the awareness increase, people realize the importance of protection of the environment. These steps will take humanity further in all respects.