How To Keep Your Instagram followers Happy

How To Keep Your Instagram followers Happy

Instagram is a remarkable visual sharing social platform; however, it’s simply as entertaining as the persons that are following you. Posting snaps that receive no likes or feedback, is just not as much fun. On the other hand, if you are a newcomer to the app, it is quite possible that you have no or a very low number of followers. Fortunately, you can do many things to rectify this situation.

Doing a simple google search will return a few hundred articles on ways to increase followers on Instagram. That’s how popular and important a subject it is, but once you have gathered enough followers, it is the task to maintain their interest that is also quite a task. Below let’s discuss a few key points to keep your followers happy so that they do not desert to and go looking for more interesting accounts to follow.

Keeping Your Instagram Followers Happy

Preserve the Focus of your account

Have a look at the most Insta-Famous accounts. The common thing you will notice about each of these accounts is that they have a theme, and they do not deviate from their theme even after becoming very popular. Your followers started to follow you for a reason, and as soon as they find out that, the reason is starting to evaporate! they tend to unfollow. It is ok to post one or two different posts once in a while, but do not make it a regular practice.

Make Your Account Look Great

While it is a good idea to keep the focus of your account, it is also imperative to keep the quality of your photos high. It is recommended for all serious Instagram users, that after you’ve picked a perfect focus for your profile to do everything you can to make your feed look good. It means going over all the previous posts you have shared and deleting each and everything that makes your profile look flimsy.

Any and all old posts of the sandwiches you had for lunch, or messes you made of your desk in a bad mood, and then shared its photo to the whole wide world, have got to go. Want your followers to keep coming back, and like or share your photos, give them posts in terms of quality, they would want to share.

Interact positively with other Instagram users

Interaction is the easiest possible way to keep your followers interested in the loop. Follow back the followers, and frequently make a point of leaving comments on their posts. Don’t be generic when leaving comments, like ‘nice post’ or ‘cool’. Leave thoughtful and appropriate comments, preferably consisting of more than just a few words.

Your followers will appreciate this gesture, and furthermore, share your posts or recommend your account to other people.

 Always try and reciprocate to comments on your posts

There is little point in gather masses as your followers if you don’t intend to keep them. A simple gesture that will take you a long way with your followers is to appreciate the fact that they follow you. Try and respond back to any inquiries made in the comments and leave small thanks comments for all the compliments. It will keep your followers satisfied and encourage more follows and comments.

Hope you a happy relationship with your followers!