How To Demystify Audition Fear And Deliver Top-notch Performance?

How To Demystify Audition Fear And Deliver Top-notch Performance?

Auditions are nerve-wracking events. You walk in a room full of strangers (audition professionals), who are familiar in the kind of role you are asked to cast. Your results depend on your performance. This can be an acceptance or rejection. Such competitive and harsh evaluation can stress you out, every time you walk in the room and even after the auditions for feedback.

How to handle audition fear?

Every successful actor talks about their technique of overcoming audition fear. Basically, they tell you to –

  • Avoid nervousness
  • Repeat convincingly to yourself saying – ‘I am not nervous’
  • Tell yourself – ‘I am worthy of success’

This concept is a superficial solution because everyone differs and the above approach is not helpful to everyone.

Nerves can be totally obliterated, when you are glowing and feeling high with sharp and hilarious expressive choices. However, if you self-doubt during the audition time then you are setting yourself up to failure.

How to enter the audition room?

Enter the audition room like it is your first blind date with a total stranger (casting producer). The moment you lay eyes on your blind date, start assessing him/her. Just like you would radiate loads of confidence to make you seem attractive, it is time to do the same in the audition room. There is a possibility that the CD may try to communicate with you to get an idea of your charm and wit. Nail this moment to shine up. (Never try to flirt with them)

Make a promise to yourself

At the audition promise yourself not to just –

“TRY to give your best but DO your best”

Remove ‘I’ll try’ from your vocabulary and highlight on the words ‘I’ll do it”.  There should be no room for self-doubts. Auditions are not ‘Try Outs’, so remember the golden rule –

“I believe in myself because if I don’t they won’t”

Audition tips

Amy Gossels Casting centre send audition invites to interested actors, who have submitted their CV and headshot to their casting director. These are not job interviews but a platform, where actors new or experienced learn and associate with a number of professionals in the entertainment industry.

  • If you are invited then usually they give you a short script, which needs to be read during the audition.


  • You read the script and find everything about the character you will play. Lines are not vital at this moment but concentrate on the character.


  • After getting familiar with the character learn the lines.


  • Dress the part because showing for the audition in a suit, when you are playing the role of a cowboy will look weird. There is no need to rent spurs but jeans with boots will be fine.


  • Reach the audition on time, avoid getting distracted by other nervous actors, but evaluate your blind date and remember the promise you made to yourself.


  • Forget this is an audition and DO your act.


  • Politely thank the casting director and the team.


  • After the audition, leave professionally and wait for a reply.


  • If they call, it means they liked your performance. Wear the same clothes and do the same performance because at this second audition there will be producers, writers, and directors.

Every audition will help you hone your way of handling them. Fear will slowly be transformed into self-confidence.