Do You Need a Patent Lawyer?

Do You Need a Patent Lawyer?

Inventors spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money to develop their ideas. When they come up with a breakthrough, they must do what they can to protect their intellectual property. For that reason, many inventors choose to patent their devices. If you have invented something, you might be wondering whether you need to hire a patent attorney in NJ. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether you need legal representation to secure your patent.

Understanding Patent Practice

A patent attorney is a special type of lawyer.  That is, not every attorney can represent inventors in patent cases.  Instead, to become a patent lawyer in NJ, attorneys must pass a special test and become registered with the patent office.  The purpose of this special procedure is to be certain attorneys have the technical know-how to effectively represent inventors who might have developed complicated devices.  Accordingly, you can likely expect your attorney to speak your language and understand your invention.  These skills are tremendously valuable in filing a patent application, as the process often requires being able to communicate in both legal and scientific or technical terms.

Filing a Patent Application

There is no formal requirement that attorneys file patent applications.  On the contrary, inventors can file a request for patent protection with no legal assistance at all.  Doing so, however, is not advisable. Because it is extraordinarily difficult to file a complete, accurate patent application, smart inventors often rely on the expertise of a skilled patent attorney in NJ.

Since patent law is highly technical, inventors often don’t have the legal skill they need to adequately describe their inventions.  Unfortunately, the consequences of not getting the patent application right are considerable.  If you don’t describe your device accurately or don’t follow instructions precisely, your patent won’t protect your invention.  Harshly, without an accurate description, if someone else decides to capitalize off your intellectual property, you won’t have legal recourse.  As such, if you want to protect your invention, you probably want to rely on the extensive knowledge of a skilled patent lawyer.

Collaborating With an Attorney

To best protect your intellectual property, you want to work with a patent attorney.  In few other areas of law is collaboration more important than in intellectual property.  Because of this, you want to be sure you find the right legal counsel for securing your patent.  To do so, plan to interview a few potential lawyers.  Then, choose one with whom you have good rapport.  Remember, technical skills are critical in a successful patent lawyer. Before you agree to representation, make sure your new attorney understands your invention and how to property describe it.  Also, check to make sure that your attorney has experience working in the discipline related to your invention.  If you do, you will likely find counsel that can help you best protect your intellectual property.

As an inventory, you have a proprietary interest in their intellectual property.  For that reason, you probably want to secure patent protection for any devices you create. Because property obtaining a patent can be challenging, you might consider collaborating with a patent attorney in NJ.