The Distinctive Charm of The Cabernet Glass

The Distinctive Charm of The Cabernet Glass

Wine—not to mention its culture, literatureand accessories—has become more mainstream than ever. These days it’s not at all unusual to hear a friend or co-worker mentionhow much they’re looking forward to “wine o’ clock” once the work day is done. Glassware is an integral part of the enjoyment of wine, and many manufacturers have designed and produced glasses for specific varietals. Cabernet glasses are no exception. What makes a cabernet glass distinctive? Its bowl shape, stemmed and stemlessvarieties, and affordable options.

Bowl Shape

Generally, wine glasses can be separated into three groups: Champagne flutes, small-bowled glasses for white wines, and bigger-bowled glasses for red wines. The typical cabernet glass, also known as a red wine or Bordeaux glass, features a big bowl that tapers slightly at its opening. This specific bowl shape provides a large surface area for the aeration of the wine. Further, it allows the wine the space to breathe and settle into itself so that its complex flavors and aromas can be captured.

Cabernet glasses are typically used to drink varietals such as cabernet sauvignon and merlot. The bowl shape accents the flavors of these wines’ dark fruits and balances the tannins. It also allows wine drinkers’ noses to better detect the aroma of the wine. Note, too, that the bowl of the cabernet glass is typically taller than that of other red wine glasses. This height allows the wine to be directed to the back of the mouth for the maximum flavor experience.

Stem Varieties

 The cabernet glass comes in stemmed and stemless varieties. While the bowl shape remains constant, the stemmed and stemless options offer different benefits. The stem’s function is for you to hold your wine glass without heating the wine with your hands. It also allows your fingerprints to stay on the stem rather than on the bowl’s exterior, thus avoiding a sullied appearance. On the other hand, the stemless cabernet glass decreases the chance of breakage and reduces overall care and maintenance. Itcan also bring a fresh contemporary flair to any wine event.

 Affordable Options

Experts suggest buying the glass that is designed for the varietal you drink most often. If it’s cabernet you crave, make sure your glass or glassware of choice has the correctBordeaux bowl shape. Some experts recommend buying glasses that are as thin and light as possible while others promote a thicker or heavier glass. What seems to matter mostis not the material or weight of the glass but the design. Set your sights on a well-designed cabernet glass that complements both your décor and budget. While you can browse retailer’s websites for the glass of your dreams, you may want to visit their showrooms or outlets for a more satisfying and efficient way to narrow your choices down. Nothings beatsassessing the weight and form of a glass in your own hand.

Distinctive in bowl shape, cabernet glasses can fuse a traditional form with contemporary flair thanks to the stemless versions available on today’s market. Cheers to you in your search for the perfect glass.