Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid In Thesis Paper Writing

Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid In Thesis Paper Writing

Writing a thesis is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most of the students find it quite difficult, either due to poor writing skills or due to shortage of time. It is important that while writing a thesis, you are attentive and creative.

In case you don’t pay adequate attention and things go wrong, your reputation in college may get affected leading to all efforts going in vain. This guide will tell you some common thesis writing mistakes that you should avoid.


Common Mistakes To Avoid In Thesis Writing

  • Picking A Difficult Topic

As a PhD student, you should prioritize choosing a good a good topic for your thesis. The chosen topic should sound interesting to readers. Go for a topic which is easy even for a layman to read and understand.

  • Starting Very Late

Though there’s no deadline for submitting your PhD thesis, it is still important that you start working on it as soon as you get it. You can begin by searching for topic and collecting your own points which will be useful for topic.

If you start writing late, completing the work may become stressful. Therefore, to ensure that there’s no delay in thesis completion and submission start early. As a student, you should be very punctual with you thesis paper and should try completing it on time. This is important as it requires a lot of time to search the content and to frame it in an organized way.

  • Failing To Organize And Format The Thesis Paper

It is important that after collecting the research material, you organize it in proper manner. In case you forget to pay attention to formatting, you efforts may get into vain. Hence, organize the data and facts in an acceptable format.

  • Taking It Too Lightly

Sometimes, PhD students don’t feel any need to create a definitive plan to complete their thesis. They think that writing thesis is similar to writing an assignment and it doesn’t require any strategy.

However, this may not be the case. Writing a good thesis paper requires proper researching and planning of the content. After researching for facts and data, you need to plan the way in which content should be organized.

  • Not Taking Help

It is recommended to take your friends’, supervisors’ and colleagues’ help in writing thesis.  Discussing the topic with your classmates or friends can help you to get some ideas which you can implement in your thesis.

If you don’t have understanding of the topic and you try writing thesis on it, the result may not turn out to be fruitful. Therefore, in case of improper knowledge, it’s always better to take assistance. In case you feel that you’re unable to handle the thesis paper on your own, visit for help.

  • Not Following The Plan

It is important that as and when you get a thesis paper, you write down a plan to complete the same. Most of the times, scholars prepare plans to complete thesis work, but only few of them follow it. This is the major mistake and can affect final grades.


Hope this guide will help you to write a great thesis paper.