Common Faults Found In A Loader Backhoe

Common Faults Found In A Loader Backhoe

A backhoe loader can come up with simple to serious faults.  Knowing about these faults can help you work towards its repair in the best way. Reading a service manual that provide you in-depth learning about the parts of the machine and troubleshooting the faults that can appear in it will be very helpful.

Problem in transmission system

Some people experience that the transmission system of New Holland vehicles is weak in forward or do not give better performance when driven in reverse direction. This problem in the transmission system is due to the damage in the forward clutch pack. offers elaborate manuals describing its different parts and maintenance procedures in a printable pdf format.

The failure in the clutch pack is the prime cause behind the poor performance of transmission system in the forward direction. Get your clutch pack repair or replaced by a new one. is a website where you can get an elaborate description of your Holland vehicle from its regular inspection, maintenance to the engine removal.

Not enough pushing power

This can happen due to slip in the transmission or an issue in engine power. To correctly identify the problem you are advised to perform a ‘Stall Test.’ This test is done to thoroughly test the performance of the engine against the hydraulics and the transmission.

It helps in testing the engine under varying loads. This gives an idea about the performance of the engine at different intensities. For best identification of your vehicle, faults and repair mechanisms, it is advised to buy New Holland service manuals.

Transmission fails to go into gear mode when in cold condition

This problem is again caused by increased clearances in clutch packs. This type of clearances can happen due to damaged plates. Overhauling is the best way to repair them.

Why does transmission not go into gear mode?

If the power shift transmission in your New Holland vehicles is controlled by hydraulics or electrics or mechanical drive, then it can lead to this problem in the transmission system. In a maximum number of cases, the problem is associated in the electrics.

Also, you need to check the fuses and relays, – wiring continuity, shorts to ground, FNR controller, solenoid or coil resistance at transmission control valve. If any problem is found in any of these areas, then you would need to repair them quickly.

Advantages of Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe Loaders provides a wide range of benefits to the user. Some of them are:

  • It helps in moving the dirt out of a specific region and then fills it again with sand once the work gets completed.
  • It is multi-purpose machinery that helps in digging ditches, planting underground cables, laying pipes, or laying a strong foundation for drainage systems and buildings.
  • On attaching an augur to it, it can also drill holes for signs, planting trees, and fencing projects in different types of soil.

Regular inspection from an authorized service center and accessing the right service manuals would help you repair these faults, in the most efficient way.