What Are The Best Ways To Avoid Negative Online Reviews

What Are The Best Ways To Avoid Negative Online Reviews

Last few years have seen that writing reviews about the services of a company is a norm. In a way, it is good for the people who want to avail services of a specific company. Every customer has their own experiences so these reviews can be negative or positive. A negative review can prove to be a nightmare for a company.

A single post when shared across several social media platforms can result in bad publicity of a brand and its services. In order to save from such consequences, many business owners thinks about ways to avoid bad online reviews.

Build a strong online presence

Being on the social media in the form of a blog, the creation of videos, sponsored events, a Tumblr account, a podcast, etc. will greatly assist a company in building its online reputation. It will help them keep a track of how they are being ranked by the public and lower negative mentions on the web.

Communicate with customers about your preferred mode of communication

Instead of raising concerns on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., let the customers know how you want to be contacted. The best method would be to provide them company approved methods such as a contact form, customer care numbers, email id, etc. to reach to you. Ensure them that all their complaints and grievances would be handled by your specialized team of customer care professionals.

Instant follow-up with your customer

This is a good and easy practice which companies can perform to avoid bad remarks. In this method, they need to take feedback from customers once they make a purchase or do any kind of transaction on your website.

This can be done by personally contacting customers, sending them emails or SMS to rate them, etc. The feedback you receive can be used to enhance the quality of the service. Any innovative idea a company receives can be implemented to offer better services to their customers.

Be accessible to customers

When customers do not find any legitimate solution to their concern, they hit the social media channels to talk about it and get a solution for it. If company professionals are easily accessible on popular social media websites and work towards proactively resolving customer’s issues then it would prevent satisfied customers to post anything negative to deteriorate the image of the company.

Use advanced tracker and analytical tools

There are several analytical tools such as Google Alerts, Hootsuite, Twitter Search, and Trackur that assist the company to monitor and track what has been said about the brand. On identifying bad remarks, you can even remove a Google review.

Respond to a negative comment in a kind and professional way. An empathetic attitude followed by apology and keenness to solve the issue at the earliest would not only lower the agony of the customer but also cast a good impression on the online audience.

These are the most beneficial ways that would help an organization in preventing damage to its online reputation.