Bajaj V vs. Avenger 150

Bajaj V vs. Avenger 150

Bajaj Auto Limited has two amazing bikes on offer Bajaj v and Avenger 150. The Bajaj v was introduced in 2016 February and this is a high selling bike. Within just few months’ post launch in 2016 July, more than one lakh units of the bike was sold. Bajaj Avenger 150 Street was launched sometime in October 2015 and this is a powerful bike designed to cruise on any kind of terrain. For bike enthusiasts the Bajaj V and Avenger 150 are great choices and which is a better bike to buy. Let us do a comparison and come to a conclusion.

Design and style:

Bajaj V looks amazing and the mystery behind the awesome style statement is the distinctive design. This bike is just awe-inspiring from any angle; on the front you will notice top-class finish. The headlight has a neat Benelli design and the styling of the fuel tank is awesome, it has a dual tone finish. The seats are comfy and it is carved out into a neat straight structure and there is optimum protection on the rear defined by the presence of panel. Like the front the styling of the back is great and aesthetic and the tail light looks splendid.


The Avenger 150 Street has a typical sporty design and it looks just like the last-gen Avenger 220. Every nook and corner of this bike looks amazing visible on the stunning dark treatment and this is a distinctive styling compared to the usage of chrome on the previous model. The exhaust has a short dimension and it looks sporty and it has a perfectly creative design representing the creativeness of street bikes. The Avenger 150 Street has a 169mm ground clearance value and it weighs 148g.

Instrument console:

The design of the instrument console on new V is simple and it looks great, and here there are two divisions. There is a round structure on the left and oval structure on the right that houses instrument panel and the round dial has odometer and analogue speedometer. In the oval structure there is a fuel indicator and neutral light and the two areas have a glossy silver outline making the overall design of the bike look premium.

The design of the instrument console on Avenger 150 Street is similar to the previous Avenger 220. However, the main distinction is the presence of a small digital display for trip meter and odometer. There is a neat chrome treatment on the upper ring of single handlebar mounted pod and the other areas are covered in a glossy black shade and on the fuel-tank is fuel gauge and other important readings.

Engine, gearbox and mileage:

Bajaj V is engineered with an efficient one-cylinder 149.5cc engine built with a pioneering twin spark technology. This potent power-train generates fierce energies of 13Nm torque and 11.83bhp power and it is connected to five-speed manual gearbox. The fuel-efficiency power of this bike is good and it gives 45kmpl.

Avenger 150 is built with a 150cc powertrain that generates 12.5Nm torque and 14.3bhp power and it is coupled to five speed gearbox. There is also a DTS-i 150cc mill that releases 16.8bhp.

The fuel-efficiency capacity of Avenger 150 Street is impressive, on ideal city conditions the mileage output is 40 to 45kmpl and on highways it offers 45 to 50kmpl. This is a comfortable bike to ride contributed by the creatively designed low seat position facilitating heightened comfort on any kind of terrain.

Braking and suspension:

Bajaj V has a rigid braking system, on the rear is 130mm drum brake and there is a 240mm disc brake in front. The back wheel has a cruiser type 120/80-16 unit and the front wheel is a 90/90-18 unit. The robust ten spoke alloy wheels have 33mm front telescopic forks and the rear suspension has twin-spring hydraulic suspension.

Bajaj Avenger 150 Street also has a strong braking system with 130mm rear drum brake and 240mm front disc brake. The front suspension has telescopic with anti-function bush technology and the rear suspension has twin shock absorbers.

Color and Price:

Bajaj V is engraved in an awesome colorful design and it is sold in equally interesting shades of Ebony Black, Pearl White, Heroic Red and Ocean Blue. The bike is sold at price of Rs. 62,000 (ex-showroom price).

Bajaj Avenger 150 Street is a classy looking bike that flaunts a typical street demeanor, it is sold in these vibrant and amazing shades of Midnight Blue and Cosmic Red. It is sold at a price of Rs 75,500 (ex-showroom price).


Bajaj V and Avenger 150 Street have signature designs and both bikes are designed to cater to the unique taste of individuals. The Bajaj V looks colorful and it is well-suited for people who are into glossy bikes. Avenger 150 is perfect for individuals who prefer typical street bikes. Both bikes have a nice-looking and convenient instrument console and users would therefore feel comfortable and safe riding these bikes. The two bikes have equally powerful engine and mileage and also braking and suspension.

Bajaj V has greater range of color options and it is more reasonable than Avenger 150 Street and is hence the better bike to purchase.

Bajaj V and Avenger 150 are high-end bikes enclosed in a world-class design, powerful instrument console, first-rate engine, rigid braking and suspension system and classy colors. The two bikes are amazing for people who want to spend a relaxed weekend riding all over the city and also to venture on a vacation. These bikes are safe to ride in contributed by the resilient suspension system.

As mentioned earlier on many aspects Bajaj V and Avenger 150 are equally powerful, the only distinction being more color options on Bajaj V. It however comes down to individual taste, for ardent street bike enthusiasts the Avenger 150 is great and for people who enjoy breezy rides the Bajaj V is excellent. Bajaj has indeed introduced top-class technology and highly advanced features on Bajaj V and Avenger 150.