Affordable Satellite Internet Plans for Disaster Response Teams

Affordable Satellite Internet Plans for Disaster Response Teams

If you are in charge of the technology infrastructure for disaster response in remote areas or those that are hardest hit by calamities, then you know how important it is to have the connectivity you need to support your team and provide them with the most up to date communications and intelligence. That means you need to have an internet connection you can count on. When there is little to no technology infrastructure in an area because of a recent disaster, that means you need satellite services. When you subscribe to a business-class satellite internet provider, you have the ability to connect from wherever you happen to be, which makes it easier for you to count on having the communication and information technology support your team needs.

Finding Plans and Pricing Service

 Satellite bandwidth is limited in ways that are totally different from land lines and cellular connections, which is part of what makes it possible for them to be accessible in areas that conventional internet service does not reach. This means that they are typically metered, with speed limits as well as total throughput limits for each month of service. This makes it important to find the service level that fits your needs, because overages are metered and billed a la carte, making them expensive budget overruns when they do occur.

As you search for providers, look for those that concentrate on business-class products. This is important both because their uptime and technical support will be more reliable and also because their concentration on enterprise clients means their bandwidth will be tied up less with heavy residential internet usage, making it easier to get your best speeds more often.

Some satellite internet service providers even provide specialized plans and service options for response teams, to better support your organization’s needs so that you can better support the people you are on the ground to help. Those options are ideally designed with levels of service that also remain cost conscious, so your organization is able to do more with its resources.

Making a Decision

 Taking your time and doing the research and due diligence needed to be sure your service provider will be there with the support you need is important. That’s why part of your process should include a review of their record. When you do that, you have the opportunity to see what other organizations they have supported and what their reputation looks like in the industry.

In the end, your choice is not a permanent one, but satellite internet service providers do tend to work on two year contracts, so it is a decision you will need to work with for a considerable amount of time. That makes it an important one. As you peruse your choices, remember that the more established a service provider’s reputation and services are, the more you can be sure that they will be with you whenever you need them. Technology, speed, and bandwidth all change over time, but having vendors and subcontractors you can count on will always be the key to any organization’s success.